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October 27, 2013

Technology of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the collective of online network channels dedicated to community based and interaction, content sharing.  We have different trends of social media in 2013.

Important suggestion to get leads faster: Social networks will help to get good traffic and leads.

Social Networks:
  1. Facebook
  2. Google Plus
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Pinterest
  6. Youtube

Facebook: Now a day’s so many people are addicted worldwide the most wanted social network that is facebook .

We will easily find out so many people, such as education, business, entertainment   people and different categories to using facebook.  It is the best network to communicate people very faster through groups and discussions. 

If you want to do facebook marketing to increase your traffic to your business, here are the best instructions to get more traffic and leads.

  1. Create good face book business page with good profile.
  2. Open group and start discussions about general topics and your service topics.
  3. Join more groups which are related to your service.
  4. Post good images and videos and share your friend’s posts and tag with them.
  5. Write notes about your new offers.
  6. Like other posts and give comments to your user posts.
  7. Give replies to your friends or existing users each and every comment with more patience.

How to Post smart promotions on facebook:  For example if your company is IT training consultant an offering java training, dot net, live project training etc. First we need good blog or website with good content.
Write best content by industry experts to cover up the below topics:

1-what is java
2-Importance of java
3-Advantages of java
4-Future of java
5. Career opportunities
6. about Faculty
7. about your institute
8. Conclusion.

After updating the above things to each and every course you can start promotions in groups and discuss topics with your public group members and ask suggestions and questions on your wall to using different titles and images.

How to attract the existing users or customers:

  1. Let to them about your new offers through groups and wall posts.
  2. Give reply to each and every comment and clarify their doubts instantly.
  3. Explain in depth about your new implements or technologies.

Google Plus:  G plus is the best network to increase more visibility in search engines and we will get good traffic through “G plus communities” and plus one’s sharing.

According to recent moz survey we will get more traffic from Google plus one’s and facebook shares and likes.

Create Google plus page about your website and apply Google authorship, Create communities and join more communities, invite people and start your discussion with the members to posting smart content.

Twitter: Twitter is the Smart network to post micro information.


  1. Create good profile with Geo location and website
  2. Follow your competitor’s tweets and re tweet their posts and favorite their posts.
  3. Get natural twitter followers don’t use tools.

Linkedin: World’s largest business network.
Linked in is the best network to meet business people.

  1. Update best profile
  2. Create groups and join more groups
  3. Post good information and communicate with your group members closely.
Pinterest:  It is pin board photo sharing network.

  1. Create good visible profile
  2. Create boards and invite people
  3. Follow target people and increase more relevant followers
  4. Like other posts and re pin their posts.
YouTube: World’s largest video sharing network.

  1. Create good profile
  2. Create relevant channel about your services
  3. Upload best videos and demos about your product frequently.
  4. Share your videos to social networks.

Final Important suggestions and Best practice to all social networks:

  1. Read terms and conditions about all social networks
  2. We need to post regularly good information, relevant images and links, videos.
  3. We need answers to our existing user’s comments.
  4. We need  to create new topics frequently to group discussions
  5. Concentrate to increase more natural  likes and followers

Conclusion: If we can follow all the above instructions regularly we will get better results and leads to our business.

October 7, 2013

Penguin 2.1 update details

The head of the Google web spam team Mr. Matt cutts announced penguin 2.1 update details via twitter on 5th October 2013.

This update affects one percent of searches to a noticeable degree.

Google has always said effective seo can make a site more crawl-able and make single pages more accessible and easier to find.

If your website keyword ranking is affected by this penguin 2.1 update, you can follow the below steps:  

Effective seo steps:
  1. Create best content.
  2. Make websites faster to the users and search engines.
  3. Build quality relevant links.
  4. Target best local links

Avoid the below things:
  1. Link exchange : Reference URL:
  2. low quality and cheap links
  3. poor content
  4. keyword filling
  5. Over optimization

Finally Google always want user doing white hat seo.

July 20, 2013

Google Panda 26 Update Confirmed

Google confirmed panda update with Search Engine Land  on 18th July 2013, and Google said with them new panda updates moved out  monthly over a 10 day period.
Remember Panda:

Actually panda is a compression to Google ranking search results algorithm it was introduced in February 2011. This update mainly concentrate on cheap quality links and sister links and return smart websites toward the top of search results.

My personal Open challenge to get ranking:

  1. Write quality unique content
  2. Avoid over optimization
  3. Give knowledge based information through your website to the users.
Enough the above 3 steps forever if any update comes from Google, your site will not get penalized and alive forever top on search results.

July 6, 2013

Google Plus Hints Getting To Rank In Search Results

Here are important points to use Google plus:

Google profiles are for people; you can handle the biography, communication details and links to other profiles about you or produced by you.

Pages are created for brand and companies, place; localize business, education, fun and games and other.
Pages communicate in the Google plus universal more as frequent G+ profile users do they can add user to circles, modify their profile share information in G plus, +1 on the online and make Google hangouts.

Badge:  The Google plus badge consent users to directly communicate with and advertise your product on G +. You can keep up to date with Google plus modifications. Find new updates preview and subscribe to the Google platform preview provides by Google.

Plus one helps on search results: Content is most grievous thing here. User invents relevant content a Google search results from the users they already know and swear. The plus one button shows on site.

Make +1 button to your G+ pages on your website consent people recommend your content, and knowing that their colleagues and other friendly users will see their proposition when it’s virtually relevant in the index of Google search results.

Content affect on your site performance on search results: Relevant information recommended by circles and experience of something is often more relevant than text form others. This is just one of many signal by Google may use to ascertain a page’s relevance & rankings, and it’s constantly squeeze improving Google algorithm to ameliorate overall search quality.

Google crawls affect on website with plus one: When you append plus 1 button to a page, Google seize that you want that particular page to be publicly accessible in Google search results.        

Increase your traffic: Add your Google plus button to increase traffic in search results and find plus one affects to view on webmaster tools. See your page clicks on your site received with plus one’s click through rate.  And find about your pages unique people information and impressions with location.

Track your traffic from G plus:  You can track traffic clicks to your website from Google plus to using HTTP supporter

Note: Take care about canonical issues.